Ushio API

使用简单灵活的Ushio API接口,体验丰富稳定的免费图片,音乐,天气等调用服务~Use the simple and flexible Ushio API interface to experience rich and stable free pictures, music, weather and other calling services~


使用Ushio支持的,呓喵酱的私人博客~IoTcat's personal blog supported by Ushio~

Ushio Img

Ushio专属图库,其中收藏了2000+呓喵酱以及其它用户从互联网搜集的各种图片资源,其中所有图片皆可通过Ushio-Api中的img接口调用。Ushio's exclusive gallery, which contains 2000+ various image resources collected by IoTcat and other users from the Internet, all of which can be called through the img interface in Ushio-Api.


Ushio支持的一款视频网站,目前主要收录数部了国内无法公开欣赏的经典番剧。A video website supported by Ushio currently mainly contains several classic ACG that cannot be publicly enjoyed in China.

Ushio Cloud

Ushio云盘服务,是呓喵酱基于OneIndex开源项目,使用自己的onedrive作为后端搭建的。通过Ushio-Proxy智能代理,即使在国内访问也非常流畅哦^_^Ushio cloud Storage service is built based on the OneIndex open source project and uses IoTcat's own onedrive as the backend. Thanks to the Ushio-Proxy intelligent proxy, the access is very convenient even in China^_^

Ushio Login

作为Ushio用户系统的登录模块,Ushio-Login与Ushio-Auth,Ushio-User一起构成了Ushio用户系统。在登录状态下访问可以查看更改你的用户信息哦~As the login module of the Ushio user system, Ushio-Login, Ushio-Auth and Ushio-User together form the Ushio user system. Visit under Login Status to view and change your user information~

Ushio Monitor

Ushio服务器集群实时监控界面,,Ushio server cluster real-time monitoring interface,

Ushio Status

Ushio服务状态界面,,Ushio service status..

Ushio Imgbed

Ushio向公众开放的图床服务,大家可以来上传图片并转换成可访问的链接!Ushio's image hosting service open to the public, everyone can upload pictures and convert them into accessible links!

Ushio Share

与图床类似,Ushio Share服务能够将1G以内的文件转换成一个一天内有效的链接,供下载~Similar to the picture hosting service, the Ushio Share service can convert files within 1G into a link valid for one day for download~

Ushio Chat

生成一个小聊天室,可以用作短暂的团队聊天,设备间文件共享等..Generate a small chat room, which can be used for short-term team chat, file sharing between devices, etc..

Ushio Proxy

Ushio Proxy是一个用网页伪装的http代理,你可以使用它来加速你在国内下载缓慢的文件。Ushio Proxy is an http proxy disguised as a web page, you can use it to speed up your slow file download in China.

Ushio ShortUrl

Ushio短链系统,可以将一个你提供的很长的链接转换成一个非常短的链接。Ushio shorten URL system can convert a very long link you provide into a very short link.

CP Accountant

Ushio支持的一个灵活的公共支出管理系统。当你在和小伙伴们合租,结伴旅行时,可以使用这个系统帮助你们实现公共支出的清算~A flexible public expenditure management system supported by Ushio. When you are renting with your friends or traveling together, you can use this system to help you clear public expenditures~


Ushio支持的背单词应用。它的特色是使用句子作为单词的载体,让你和单词在句子的语境中结识。句子实时抓取自各主流报刊论坛,包括经济学人,华尔街日报等。温馨提示:搭配命令行食用效果更佳哦!A vocabulary memorization application supported by Ushio. It is characterized by using sentences as the carrier of words, allowing you to get acquainted with the words in the context of the sentence. P.S. The effect is better when used together with the command line!

Ushio V2ray

获取vmess代理,实现跨域长城,探索更精彩的世界。使用此服务需审核,并仅可用于学习用途。Get the vmess agent, realize the cross-domain Great Wall, and explore a more exciting world. Use of this service requires review and can only be used for learning purposes.

Ushio Git

这里是使用Gitea开源项目自建的Git仓库,用于存放从自动github备份的镜像仓库。Here is a self-built Git repository using the Gitea open source project to store mirror repositories backed up automatically from github.